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Are there any side effects?

The products offered by NeuroClub are made from 100% natural ingredients with no known side effects.

What research are these products based on?

A significant amount of research has been conducted on the ingredients used in NeuroClub products especially the way they have to be combined to produce the desired effects. This research has been published in the following journals: Nature, Learning & Memory, Synapse, Cell, Lancet, Oncology, and Apoptosis.

Do I need to take these at a certain time or with food?

No, you can take NeuroClub products at any time of the day as needed. For some of the tablets, you can also take them right before you want to feel the desired effect. For example: when you need to feel a sense of relaxation you can take Seraxil, before/after taking alcohol you can take Myeliv, and before you need to concentrate you can take Metanine.


What are NeuroClub OTC Products?

NeuroClub products are all-natural capsules made specially for the brain. Each product addresses a specific function of the brain, and each product is formulated to work on the specific mechanisms that underlie each function. For example, if we have trouble remembering or memorizing new information there is a protein in the brain that is not being produced as much as it should. In this way each product of NeuroClub uses all-natural ingredients to address Concentration, Memory, Learning, Stress, Alcohol damage, and mental decline related to ageing.

How often do I need to take the tablets?

It is recommended that you take the tablets once a day.

Do I need a Doctor’s prescription to take these?

NeuroClub products are all-natural and do not need a doctor’s prescription.

What is meant by day-to-day mental health?

Typically, when people think of mental health it is in respect to severe cases like clinical depression or anxiety. In reality, though everyone has minor mental health needs throughout the day that if properly addressed will help prevent things from becoming serious.

How are these different than Ayurveda or supplements?

Unlike Ayurveda and supplements, NeuroClub was developed to target very specific physiological processes.

Do I have to be sick to take these?

No, in addition to addressing day-to-day mental health issues, taking these products also helps boost brain performance and prevents long-term problems from developing.

Is subscribing the only option or can I just buy a single bottle of any of the products?

In order to buy any product you have to subscribe. After subscribing, the product will be shipped to you every month on the same day. You can add to your box anytime between orders.  You can also cancel your subscription at any time or schedule your box to arrive at different intervals, for example every two months instead of every month. After you’ve maintained a subscription for 6 months you will get a 15% discount on your box from then on in.

Can I purchase individual products? (or where I find more info about the individual products?)

Yes, if you’d like to purchase individual products you can do so, but buying two are more that are part of a kit results in a discount.

Why is the subscription necessary?

Taking care of your brain is a lifestyle like taking care of every other part of your body. So, in keeping with that theme we are setup to provide you products regularly so that these products become part of your routine. Also, if you stay subscribed for more than six months you will recieve an ongonig 15% discount on your order.


Who is this product for?

This product is for anyone who is 55+. After that age there is a very high chance that our immunity, including that of our brain starts getting weaker and weaker. As a result our brain is more vulnerable to bad proteins and enzymes that can start affecting our memory and motor coordination. Taking one Agilin everyday significantly helps reduce the effects of these unwanted proteins.

If I am over 50+ and am beginning to notice lapses in memory what should I take?

Specifically for those lapses in memory you should start taking Xance. Additionally, Agilin should be taken so that you don’t have memory losses due to neural degeneration and diseases, which are quite common as we age. Those are almost impossible to treat after they have started to spread in the brain. Especially with these problems prevention is the only real cure, as of now.

What is the difference between this and Xance?

Agilin is focused on preserving the brain and helping prevent neurodegenration that leads to memory loss. Xance directly supports the memory process by increasing the availability of BDNF protein.


Does this work like coffee?

No, this is not meant to keep you awake but to keep you in a focused state for upto 5 hours.

How long will I be able to focus after I take it?

Up to 5 hours.

Can I take multiple tablets in a day?

Yes, but try to take it specifically before you need at least 4 hours of dedicated focus.

Will I be able to sleep if I take this at night?

Most people have no issue going to sleep after taking Metanine at night, but try to take it at least 3 hours before you plan to sleep if concerned.

If I have acid reflux problem can I still take this?

Yes, but this has some caffeine in it so whatever measures you usually take when you have caffeine to prevent acid from coming up, it is recommended you do the same after you take Metanine.

Does this work for ADHD? Can I still take my other ADHD medication with Metanine?

Yes, this works for ADHD. You can take it with other medication but it is recommended that you take Metanine at a different time in the day than when you take you other medication.


Will my memory improve immediately?

No, this formulation requires time to impact the system, so it must be taken daily. After 3-4 weeks you will start to notice an improved ability to recall information.

Do I have to take it every day?

Yes, this forumation acts cumulatively so it must be taken regularly.

Should I take it in the morning or any time?

You can take it any time so long as you stick to the daily regimine.

How many days should I take it before I feel an effect?

It may take as little as 2 weeks, but usually 3-4 weeks before you notice an effect.

Does it also help for old people?

Yes, Xance also helps those who have noticed lapses and losses in memory.

How is it different from Agilin and Enkodin?

Agilin works to prevent memory loss linked to neurodegerative diseases. Enkodin helps increase overall activation of neuron input centers thus keeping the brain active as we age, and, Xance helps the production of BDNF protein which directly impacts memory storage and recall.

What is BDNF protein?

Brain-Derived Neurotrophic Factor (BDNF) has multiple roles in the brain. One of its roles is to help with receptor production which results in more closely connected neurons and improved long-term potentiation, the mechanism behind long-term memory.


Will I be able to understand concepts quickly and not have to read something so many times before I understand it?

After taking Enkodin for a few weeks on a regular basis you will start to notice that it doesn’t take as long to comprehend new concepts or information you read.

Will my ability to understand ideas improve immediately?

Enkodin works gradually, so it will take a few weeks before you notice improvement.

Do I have to take it every day?

Yes, because Enkodin works cumulatively, it must be taken every day.

Should I take it in the morning or any time?

You can take it any time so long as you stick to the daily regimine.

How is it different from Agilin and Xance?

Agilin helps to prevent neurodeneration which may lead to an inability to comprehend information quickly, whereas Enkodin works directly to help improve the brain’s abilty to form new connections -- comprehend information.

Xance helps the information recall process improve whereas Enkodin helps the brain form new connections. Xance helps the brain access concepts that have already been connected more quickly. Enkodin helps the brain form new concepts quicker.

What do you mean by it improves learning?

In order for us to learn and retain new information, we need constant activity in our brain. For that to happen more individual neurons have to fire. And for a neuron to reliably fire, it has to get enough input to trigger its firing. Enkodin increases the number of the neuron's input centers the more of these the neuron has the higher the chance that the neuron is activated. This leads to the neural network firing actively enabling our brain to capture the concept we are trying to understand.

When should I take this?

Anytime during the day but you should take this once daily for at least 20 days for the physiological mechanisms to start changing.


Is alcohol bad for the brain?

Yes, alcohol destroys the Myelin Sheath which is the insulation on the wiring between neurons. If the Myeliv sheaths gets destroyed neurons are more vulnerable to signal loss which may result in poor memory or increased anger. (source)

Does this make me immune to the bad effects of alcohol?

No, this is not a green light to consume all the alcohol you want, especially alcoholism. But it does help counter some of the permanent ill effects if you do drink, and it also helps with hangovers.

Is this only for alcohol drinkers?

No, Myeliv is formulated to protect against generally unhealthy consumption habits including eating heavily processed or junk foods.

Does this also help with hangovers/vomiting next day?

Yes, in addition to protecting the brain’s long-term health, Myeliv is also formulated for hangover relief.

Does this also protect the liver?

Yes, in addition to protecting the brain, Myeliv contains hepatoprotectives that mitigate liver cirrhosis.


After taking Seraxil will I feel calm immediately?

It’s possible you feel something immediately but it typically takes 30 min - 1 hour before the effects set in.

Does this help with sleep?


Does this work for anxiety?

Yes, Seraxil definitely provides both short-term relief and long-term slowing down of the panic response. But, if you are experiencing extreme anxiety you should also consult a doctor.

Do I have to keep taking it to always feel calm?

Seraxil definitely provides relief when you are feeling stressed but does not make you addicted to it and therefore you will not feel dependent on it.

How long will the effect last?

The effects of Seraxil typically last 4-5 hours.

Can you get addicted to it?

The ingredients that make up Seraxil are non-addictive.

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