How it Works

Choose your kit

You can choose 1, 2 or all 3 products of the available kits. The more products you choose the more you save. If you get the 3 product kit you pay Rs 300/product as opposed to Rs 350/product. In a year that’s Rs 600 of savings and you’re smarter for it.

Get Replacements

We’ll send you replacements of the products you picked for your first box. You can add to your box at any time.

No long term commitments

You can cancel your subscription anytime with a few clicks. You do get a whopping 15% drop in your monthly subscription price if you stay subscribed with us for more than six months. It’s a perk. Not an obligation!

Make changes to your monthly delivery

Want to try something new or make a change? Just add to your monthly delivery and receive the new products in your next batch.