NeuroClub is revolutionizing healthcare by providing OTC products for day-to-day mental health issues such lack of focus, poor memory, and high stress. All of the products are specially formulated with natural ingredients derived from plants native to India.

NeuroClub vs Supplements

Extracts specific neurochemical bioactives Usually single herb or combination of herbs
Made of extracted bioactives combined based on science Consists of assortment of powdered herbs
High quality sourcing and concentration, Rs 350 per bottle If similar quality, greater than Rs 800 per bottle

NeuroClub vs Pharmaceuticals

Only consists of all-natural ingredients Usually heavily synthesized with side-effects
Available over-the-counter because 100% natural Requires doctor consultation due to potential side-effects

Scientific Research and Operations

  • Team includes an in-house neuroscientist from NIH of U.S. Department of Health and experts from Harvard, Purdue, and Texas A&M.
  • U.S. / India Collaboration: research is conducted in the United States. Products are organically sourced and manufactured in India.
  • Ingredients undergo rigorous purity testing and are produced in facilities that meet international health and safety standards.
  • Backed by research published in scientific journals including Nature, Learning & Memory, Lancet, Synapse, Cell, Oncology, and Apoptosis.